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saturday morning cartoons or recs really

so I didn't get much written this week, no new part but hopefully I'll get it done in the next couple of days, anywho here's some recs:

Title: In One Easy Lesson
Author: Ladyjanelly
Fandom: SPN RPS
Pairing: non-sexual Jared/Jeff (really, it makes sense), Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM-- 100% Safe, sane, concensual bondage, domination, submission, pain-play
Disclaimer: I don't know these guys, this never happened, it's just fiction, 
Huge thank-you to </a></b></a>allzugernand </a></b></a>embroideramafor the amazing betas
Summary: Jensen learns that sometimes things arent what they look like.  Jared exposes his biggest secret.  Jeff learns about letting go.

it's really well written and I absolutely love the emotion behind the fic also it's mad HOTT, gives me the yummiest feeling in my tummy!

“Like Father, Like Sons”
by jenowago
SPN, gen, pre-series, wee!chesters
rating: teen, for language
spoilers: none
summary: Sam's 11, Dean's 15, and John is 41. For a while, anyway.

just a cute little fic where something interesting happens to the Winchester men and there's a talk about the birds and bees, very funny and well writtien!

Title: Slippery When Wet
Rating: Adults Only
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Warnings: Pure porn, no plot whatsoever.
Summary: Sam wants one good night's sleep. Dean wants to get Sam drunk.

the boys stay in a nice hotel and there's some hot sexen' i like the tub scene myself!


(no subject)

so it's been a while and i've read quite a bit! here's todays rec:

Title: Embarkation
Author: dontmembersam
"Jensen's runaway to be a hooker, Jared has an interesting genetic anomaly,
Kane's a pilot/security, and J.D. Morgan is the Captain who has to save them all. "

I am in total love with this fic, I could blather on about it for days! Let's just say there's space ships, hot boy sexen', an intriguing plot filled with interesting twists, a bit of kinky porn (mmm handcuffs and rough...), Jensen,Jared, Kane, and Jeff-Oh My!
The awesomeness of this fic has no bounds, go read and do it now!

men love

(no subject)

haven't been able to post for a couple days, visting relatives will do that to a person, luckily i did get a chance to read a couple fics:

Appropriate Danger by flinchflower

What We Wield

I'm totally fangirling her cause I'm just loving everything she writes, there's so much emotion tied into every word, her fics kill me but in that good way, were I'm enjoying it.

Birthday Boy by phantisma

Good Lord Almighty! Read this entire series- twice (okay maybe six times..) it's so horribly delicious, I have three words for you-Call Jeff Daddy! I'm totally spastic over it, and drooling like crazy when I'm not changing my panties in between fics. 

It's obvious I have a spanking kink, the next fic doesn't involve any but it's still wonderfully good-imagine Jensen as Han Solo.
Now stop touching yourself and go read about a Jensenesque HanSolosih fic.

In A Brand New West by moveablehistory

more to come <3

(no subject)

reading is so pleasant

Tonight I'll Take What I can Get by incompletework2
it's sweet and snowy and will get you all warm and fuzzy.

HighSchool Verse Au by Elle
the whole series is fantabulous, especially the bit with a ruler and Jared's ass and i'm a little shit cause i haven't given feedback yet but i will.

go be happy!


(no subject)

read quite a bit today:

Marked by Eloise 
I suggest you read the first two parts first and everything else she's written, her wee!winchesters are perfection.
she's also got some awesome RPS fic with Jeff, Jensen and Jared that's just my brand of kink, be sure to read Blush and The Setup as well

Don't Let The Sun Go Down by PoisonTaster
part ten of the first arc just got posted, hit previously to find the earlier parts, this series is everything you could possibly want in a world gone mad au fic. i'm still working my way through her other fics but i'm truly enjoying what i've read so far.

From The Shadow by FlinchFlower
i usually don't read wincest but this is that good and it's got bits of my favorite kink so go read now and be as pleased as me.

My Hero, By Dean Winchester by dodger_winslow
it'll tear you up in all the right places and leave you wishing for a wee!dean to shower with love.